Treasures made by tradition


LuLu is a collection of authentic hand-made objects telling a true story.


As a photographer documenting stories and social issues in East-Africa and beyond, Griet Hendrickx got in touch with local talented artisans. Wanting to share her love for rich textures, handcrafted details and different cultures, she created LuLu, objects assembled in traditional craftsmanship but with a contemporary feeling.


Each object portrays the characteristics of local traditions nearly lost by a trend towards modernization. Traditional things have become unfashionable. And only when a craft becomes economically valuable for its makers, it has a chance to survive.

Therefor we try to document the long and complex process of a product, only then can it be valued appropriately. Through local partnerships LuLu is dedicated to help preserve traditional techniques, knowledge and therefore their related cultural heritage. 

LuLu is a treasure hunt for authenticity, mixing simplicity, transparency and sustainability, while celebrating traditional craftsmanship.