Kikoys are handwoven, multicolour cotton wraps from Kenya. Kikoys are traditionally worn by men along the East-African coast. They are wrapped around the waist and rolled over outwards, letting the wind blow through on hot and sunny days. 


In a small workshop in Zanzibar, our talented weavers create these beautiful Kikoys. The sound of looms used to reach through the Swahili villages. Our weaver brought the art of weaving to the island of Zanzibar. Many craftsmen followed his example but only a few artisans continued the art of making Kikoys. These days the original craft of hand weaving these textiles is disappearing rapidly.


From spinning to weaving and dyeing, the whole process is done by one small family. Because of the manual process, they create only a limited number of each design and colour.

Every piece is handmade, using the finest Tanzanian cotton. Due to the full handwork process, every piece is one of a kind. The simple and modern look make these kikoys a desire object, not only as a bath or beach towel but also as scarf, wrap around, baby blanket, tablecloth or bed cover.